Banky W Wins PDP Re-run Ticket for Eti-Osa Federal constituency

Banky W

Bankole Wellington, often known as Banky W, a prominent Nigerian singer, has been announced the victor of the PDP primary runoff for the Eti-Osa constituency House of Representatives ticket in the 2023 general election.

Banky W won the primary rerun in Lagos on Monday with a perfect score of 24 votes out of 29 voted by delegates.

He ran against a legal practitioner, Mr Sam Aiboni, who received only five votes.

Following his victory, the singer praised the People's Democratic Party (PDP) leaders for allowing him to join the party and earn the ticket in an Instagram video.

He also pushed his opponent, Barrister Sam Aiboni, to back him up, claiming that they are brothers on the same side.

"I want to thank the People's Democratic Party, the PDP, and leaders for inviting me to join the family and empowering me to stand on our magnificent program," he added.

"I want to thank our party members and delegates for accepting, trusting, and unanimously electing me to represent the great constituency of Eti-Osa in Lagos."

"I want to thank my very formidable competition Barrister Sam Aiboni — we are not opponents within the PDP; we are brothers on the same side, and I hope that our mutual love for our community will build a bridge for us to be able to work together for our people's advancement and prosperity."

"I'd like to thank my family and friends, donors and volunteers, prayer warriors and well-wishers — words cannot express how glad I am that you think I'm worthy of your blessing, belief, and support."

"I'd also like to thank my wife, the love of my life, for holding my hand and standing by my side."

"Most importantly, I want to thank God — for the gift of life and purpose." Without His Grace, I am nothing.

"Our road is far from done; this was an excellent first step, but our work has only just begun."
The road ahead is lengthy; I hope we appreciate that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

"The terrain will be difficult - I hope we recognize that we are stronger together, and there is no obstacle or opponent that we cannot conquer."
I hope we realize that this isn't about me - it's about all of us.

"Our legislative agenda will be a collaboration of all stakeholders in our communities... fully focused on the needs we have in education, healthcare, gender equity, youth employment, and economic empowerment – creating a more conducive environment in which we can be proud to live, raise our children, and grow our businesses."

"Eti-Osa already has undoubtedly the most progressive and intelligent constituency." But good enough isn't good enough. This is about all of us striving for Eti-Osa to improve. We are the ones who have been waiting.

"And we can do it if we work together." This is more than just a marketing campaign. This is a movement. "Please join us," he said.

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