Man killed, corpse set on fire for alleged blasphemy in Abuja

Another purported blasphemy case in Abuja has resulted in the death of a man named Small Hundaru.

Hundaru was stoned and burned to death by a crowd after being accused of disrespecting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Deborah Samuel, a student at Sokoto's Shehu Shagari College of Education, was killed a few weeks ago for supposed blasphemy.

A member of a vigilante group known as Small Hundaru was slain in Abuja's Lugbe neighbourhood for reportedly disrespecting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

According to Daily Trust, the mob killing took place at the Timber Market sector of Fruit Market in Federal Housing Estate, Lugbe.

According to eyewitnesses, the victim, a Muslim, was aware of the act of insulting the prophet, the most recent of which occurred at midnight on Saturday.

However, the mob action occurred at 1 pm on Saturday, June 4, after seeking refuge in the market's vigilante office.

According to reports, the local security force was outnumbered before he was assassinated in front of the office and then burned.

A market trader named Halilu was cited as saying:
"He's known as Small Hundaru, and disrespecting the prophet was not his first offence before the action was taken."
"He was apprehended after buying food in the market in the afternoon because when the blasphemy occurred, there were just a few people around, and a stick was used to hit him in the head." He had a gun with him, but it was taken away before the beating.
"He was stoned after that before running to the office." His coworkers were aware, but they couldn't protect him because of the number of people chasing him. After he was rendered unconscious, fuel was thrown over him, and he was burned in front of everyone.
According to thee Daily Trust, the burned tyres used to burn him could be seen while traders shut their doors in anticipation of any violence.

Despite the presence of police officers, the scene was quiet, however, three people were claimed to have been shot by officers.
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