Popular TikToker Breaks Down in Tears As Her Unclad Videos Goes Viral

black chully

A TikTok celebrity known as Black Chully has been through a lot recently after several explicit videos of her were leaked.

She created a live video to discuss it, but she couldn't handle it properly because she burst into tears and grieved heavily.

The leaked videos of her are said to be a thing of the past for her. The TikTok star's past seemed to be haunting her as videos she made back then began to proliferate on numerous social media platforms.

The tapes also include one in which she went completely naked during a live video session before becoming famous.

She stated on the live video that she had no idea how these videos became public.

She assumed they were gone forever, but she had no idea the videos were still available.

She stated that people should see her DMS. She has received numerous notes that crush her heart, emphasizing how upset she is about it.

She couldn't say anything else because she burst into tears and sobbed bitterly.

Black Chully is a well-known TikTok star who is recognized for frequently uploading TikTok material.

She is well-known for her quirky haircuts and for portraying a tomboy in her videos.

She had 2.4 million followers on her TikTok page a few hours before her videos were released and became viral.

Watch Black Chully Nudë Videos

Many netizens have been overwhelmed by this viral video, however many have not viewed the video to confirm if she is the lady in the video. The Black Chully Unclad video has sparked several comments, with many of her followers blaming her for making such a video in the first place.

If you haven't seen or seen the Black Chully video, you can do so below.

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