Tems Tweet Causes Dissatisfaction Among Fans

Tems, a popular Nigerian Afrobeat performer, has sparked confusion and uncertainty among her fans after making a single tweet.

She felt compelled to convey her grief and thoughts through her Twitter handle. She directed her encounter with an unnamed offender with the assertion that he or she had messed with her feelings, according to her confession.

She stated on Twitter:
“Nah Fuck the Hate. Fuck the fakes.”
“I have to apologise to my fans the entire gang, my team. Can’t believe I didn’t see this shit before.
I’m the fuckn prime. It’s over.
“I’ve been delivered from my slumber.
We’re switching this shit up.”
Fans were left perplexed as a result of her vague perspective, sparking dispute among themselves.

The tweet has received a lot of attention in terms of retweets, likes, and shares.

See the following tweet:

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