Nigerian Comedienne, Maraji Leaves Fans Gushing Over Her Bonding Moment With Baby


Nigerian comedienne and skit maker, Gloria Oluntobi, popularly called Maraji, has shared adorable photos of herself bonding with her four months old baby.

Naija News reports that Maraji welcomed a baby boy on the 19th of April, a few months after she cried out about being dumped by her boyfriend who she later married.

Sharing photos on Instagram, the new mom said her son is her best friend, stating that they discuss all day, even though they do not understand each other’s words.

She captioned the photo: “My oga is 4 months old today he is my bestie cus we talk to each other all day even tho we both don’t know what the other person is saying.”

Reacting to the photos, many of her fans stormed the comment section to gush over her baby, saying he shares so much resemblance with his father.

kie_kie__ wrote: “He’s sooo adorable”

orangewriter wrote: “See the gorgeousness! Mummy looking yummy, baby looking handsome”

tosinclara wrote: “Our own JAYDEN .. he looks like his Dad”

aminahossainmumu wrote: “Beautiful. May God bless you and your family . Live long life gorgeous.”

precious_tolu wrote: “Wow congratulations to your cutie Son”

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kechiofficial wrote: you’re both beautiful!

xteerfnie wrote: “He’s so handsome. He no gree face camera, please let him know who his Mother is next time you guys are gisting maybe he’ll stop being shy”

omaaezebude wrote: “He knows what you’re saying but you dunno his Such a cute baby”

Challenges Of Motherhood

Maraji recently revealed that motherhood has subjected her to trading her sleep, stressing her baby wants to be held at all times.

According to Maraji, she literally smells like breastmilk every day, her nipple hurts and her flat stomach has turned into a pouch.

The comedienne added that she sometimes cries at night because of sleep deprivation.



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