My marriage…With Jimmy D Psalmist

Can you remember the first words you said to your wife?

I met her at a restaurant in church and I said, “Hello, how are you?” In my mind, I said to myself, “This girl gets style sha ooo,” because she was a confident person.

How did you meet her?

We attended the same church so I sighted her while on stage, you know now! (Laughs).

When did you know that you would end up getting married to her?

After two years of dating her, it was clear that she had all I would want in a wife so I decided with her approval, of course, to take the relationship to the next level. I proposed to her and we started courting.

What event made your wedding day memorable?

We had the pleasure of having Samsong, one of the biggest gospel artists in Nigeria, sing at our wedding reception and it was electric. I also led praise in my wedding suit. It was fulfilling to sing and lead the congregation in praise and worship on my wedding day.

How has the marital journey been?

By far the most beautiful and fulfilling decision I have taken after giving my life to Christ. It is one thing to marry and it is another to marry the right person and I would say that I married the best. The journey has been awesome and splendid. I love every part of it, even the low times because they all add up to a wonderful experience. After all, after the night comes the day. And if you pass through the darkness you will appreciate the light even more.

How have you been able to balance your career and home?

Marrying the right person, understanding and good communication are the key. She is a great part of my success story.

What has been the best part of your marriage?

The times we spend appreciating and enjoying each other’s company on vacations, playing and running around the house. More importantly, the privilege of receiving and raising our three beautiful children; nothing compares to the beautiful experiences.

What’s your advice to young people planning to marry?

I know the world would say, “Marry your friend” but this is not biblical and many times it doesn’t lead to a wonderful marital experience. According to the scriptures, men are obliged to love their wives and women submit to their husbands. Hence, as much as you love your partner, as a man, please marry a woman you know and are convinced that you can love in good and in bad. Young ladies, please marry a man you are sure you can respect and submit to in all circumstances. This is the most balanced equation in marriage and only then will one enjoy a wonderful marital experience.


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