Flight delayed as ‘Nigerian deportee from UK splash poo all over plane

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Flight delayed as ‘Nigerian deportee from UK splash poo all over plane

A Lagos-bound flight from London could not depart as expected on Friday as one of the passengers aboard, a Nigerian deportee, smeared faeces all over the aircraft.

According to The Cable, the aircraft had to be changed as the incident threw the passengers into discomfort, forcing many of them to make series of posts on Twitter.

The online newspaper reported that a Twitter user, @ImaniDH_, in a post on Friday, said her cousin was on the plane, adding that the incident rattled passengers.

“My cousin was going back to naija yday but his flight was delayed because someone got deported and decided to poo and smear his poo all over the plane,” the tweet reads.

Quoting the tweet, Zlatan Ibile, a Nigerian singer-rapper, confirmed that he was also on the same flight.

“I was on this flight,” he tweeted.

Another Twitter user, @Y_Etuh1, also quoted the tweet, noting that the deportee stormed out of the toilet “butt-naked”.

“Fact Check: This is very true, he even came out of the toilet butt naked,” he tweeted.

As reported by The Cable, a viral message on WhatsApp revealed that the Nigerian deportee came in from Turkey without proper identification, forcing the UK authorities to deport him.

“He was boarded. He then stripped to the waist, started stooling in the galley where food was, rolled in it and started throwing the faeces all over the back of the plane,” the message reads.

“He had to be arrested and taken off the plane. So they had to change aircraft.”

The message also said the incident took place on the British Airways BA O75 flight, which was initially expected to take off by 11:20am but was delayed till 4:34pm.

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