De point Services partners with Tarex Engine Oil to ensure optimum services

De point Services partners with Tarex Engine Oil to ensure optimum services

In a bid to ensure optimum services to their growing customer base, Nigerian automotive products marketer De point Services has partnered with Tarmond Company for their Automotive Oil products called Tarex Oils.

De point Services have been licensed by Tarmond to be the sole distributor of their highly leading advanced full synthetic motor oil, Tarex Engine Oil, in Nigeria.

The company is a wholly Nigerian company with business interests spread across cars, heavy machinery, and marine services. The company has branches all over South-West and South-East Nigeria, with new locations opening in the North.

De point Services is known for its high moral standards and commitment to optimum service, which is what led to its partnership with Tarmond Company to become the sole distributor of their Tarex Full Synthetic Oils in Nigeria.

Tarex Full Synthetic Oil comes in:

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• 5W 20
• 5W 40SN
• 5W 30C3
• 5W 30
• 5W 40
• 20W 50
• 15W 40, ETC

Tarex Oil is a brand of Tarmond and is 100% genuine full synthetic motor oil. Tarex Engine Oil benefits include:

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• Prevent deposits and sludge build-up for a longer engine life
• Superb Viscosity Control
• Excellent Low Temperature
• Outstanding Thermal & Oxidation Stability
• Reduces Stress on Engine Starting System Components
• Aids Petrol Economy
Tarex Engine Oil is available in leading dealerships nationwide. Contact:

Note that Tarmond Company, which was established in 1981, is a highly innovative indpendent manufacturer of market-leading advanced oils and anti-freeze, with a history of providing lubrication solutions for some of the world’s best-known brands.

The founder, Mustafa Sipahi (1916-2005) was an agricultural engineer and was one of the pioneers of agricultural chemical companies in Turkey. The company was a market leader in agricultural chemicals and is known for its high ethical and moral standards.

The company which started out as an agricultural chemical company diversified its line of business to include automotive and industrial oils in 1987. In partnership with ESSO, their factory was refitted for motor oil blending and filling. This led to a shift to full production of Automotive and Industrial oils as well as anti-freeze and auxiliary automotive products. With their high standard of quality products, many multinationals outsourced their lubricants and anti-freeze production to Tarmond.

Tarmond has over the years worked with Shell, Elf, Esso, Fiat, Total, and Castrol amongst others, offering various services for motor oils, texture oils and anti-freeze.

The company has distributors all over Europe and the Americas and this is its first foray in
the Nigerian market.


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