Employment: Nigeria ranked third worst place globally to be laid off

Nigeria has been ranked the third worst place in the world for workers to be laid off.

Nigeria ranked third worst country with a 1.19/10 lay-off score, behind Puerto Rico and the United States of America, according to a report published by Lensa, a career advisory website.

The report explained that despite enforcing the 4/9 redundancy rules, Nigeria still does not guarantee employees any severance package on being laid off.

The report claims that after a year of employment, businesses in Nigeria give employees at least a week’s notice before firing them.

“In third place ranks Nigeria, with a 1.19/10 lay-off score. Nigeria enforces 4/9 redundancy rules, however, still does not guarantee you any severance package,” said the report. “You do at least get a notice period: 1 week for employees with 1 year of tenure and 4.3 for employees with over 5.”

Also on the list of worst nations for workers to get laid off behind Nigeria are Newzeland, Djibouti, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Romania, Austria, and Bosnia & Herzegovina.  

Originally Posted By People's Gazette
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