I'm not engaged, someone is blackmailing me

I'm not engaged, someone is blackmailing me

I’m not engaged, someone is blackmailing me – Nollywood Actress cries out

Nollywood actress Empress Njamah has refuted the widespread rumours that she is engaged.

Njamah also accused her ‘fiance’ of physically assaulting her, in a Livestream via her business Instagram.

The actress revealed that the engagement video on her personal page was made under duress and that she had been scammed, beaten, and held hostage by the man, who she said is from Liberia.

She said, “A guy that one couldn’t even call a human being came into my life in pretence of wanting to marry me, I didn’t know that he had other motives and he came when I was very vulnerable when I lost my friend, Ada Ameh.

“I’ve been speaking to this guy for months on phone, speaking to people I thought were his relatives. Everything is just scam. He came into my life, said he could not leave me because I wasn’t okay. I really wasn’t okay. I was hiding it from the press.

“The death of my friend broke me down so bad I could not function and he said he was going to stay with me.

“I didn’t know he was busy gathering his tools, his materials, which he was going to use to blackmail me.

“Afterwards, he had my naked videos, and he changed. He started hitting me and when I wanted to talk and tell him this can’t work; he blackmailed me with my own videos and said I’m going nowhere and that’s when he turned into an animal. Beats me anytime, locks me up, put the keys in his pocket, in my own house.”

Njamah added, “He wrecked me, finished everything. This person I’m telling you actually got a ring and forced me to do a video, which he posted on my page because he has access to my page. He changed all the passwords, logged me out of every email I have, everything I have, all my phones, my iCloud, everything, I don’t have access to anything.

“This guy came back, after looking for me, took my car, took my international passport, he took my remaining money. He took my iPad, my earpods, he had two bags of my valuables, took the car and left. He has the guts to be sending threat videos saying whatever I do whoever I tell he’ll put it out there.

“I’m not the one handling that page #empressnjamah is not been handled by me. Go to my page and see the video he posted, does that look like something I will post? I was under duress posting that video called engagement.”

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