JAID is bringing Japanese funding closer to African startups

JAID is bringing Japanese funding closer to African startups

The Japan-Africa Investment Drive (JAID) is a cohort-based investment accelerator that aims to match high-potential African startups with suitable Japanese venture capital (VC) firms. 

JAID will also provide close support to both the startups and the VCs throughout the engagement to maximize the prospect of investment. 

Programme details: Highlighted below are more details on the programme, eligibility criteria, programme timeline and benefits.

  • Investment pitch and refinement
  • Introduction to investors
  • Introduction to Japanese venture space
  • Follow-up engagements
  • Pitch refinement
  •  Introduction to Japanese venture space
  • Demo day
  • Investor introduction
  • Follow-up engagements, etc.

The Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for selection, applicants must meet the following criteria-

  • Be African-based B2B, B2C & B2B2C startups 
  • Have Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in place 
  • Have at least a $5m valuation 
  • Post MVP 
  • Post Traction (minimum of $10k MRR) of the startup 
  • $500k investment and above 

 Programme Benefits: Successful applicants stand the chance to enjoy the following benefits-

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  • Receive direct investment 
  • Direct investment from a partner venture capital firm Japan Strategic Capital (JSC)  
  • Close support 

The over 15 Japanese VCs on the curated list will be exposed to the chosen startups. The investor engagement will also get close support, including meeting scheduling, pitch deck translation, and the provision of interpreters for investor meetings. 

  • Support for fundraising selected startups will receive extensive legal, cultural, and administrative assistance during the financing process on how to attract and close Japanese investment. customized one-on-one training and group seminars will also be offered. 

 Programme Timeline: December 19th: Applications close on December 19 after which eligible startups will be selected. Further timeline details are highlighted below-

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  • Investment accelerator: Defining investment fit 
  • Pitch refinement – Introduction to Japanese venture space 
  • January 31st 2023: Demo day

You may click here to apply.  


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