Remi Leigh Henriques Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Dating, Family and Net Worth

Remi Leigh Henriques Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Dating, Family and Net Worth

Remi Leigh Henriques Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Dating, Family and Net Worth.

Remi Leigh Henriques is the second child of Sean Paul, a famous rapper and dance hall icon, and Jodi Stewart, a Jamaican television host, VJ, and costume designer.

Remi Leigh Henriques Biography and profile summary

Remi Leigh Henriques was born on August 20, 2019, and she will turn three in 2022. Her parents are Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques (aka Sean Paul), and Jodi Stewart. Similarly, she has an older brother named Levi Blaze, born on February 26, 2017. Henriques’ nationality is also Jamaican.

Frances, her paternal grandmother, was a painter of English and Chinese Jamaican descent. In addition, her paternal great-great-Sephardic grandfather’s Jewish family immigrated to Jamaica in the 17th century from Portugal.

Her paternal great-grandmother, on the other hand, was Afro-Jamaican. Remi is thus of English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Afro-Jamaican descent from her father’s side.

Full NameRemi Leigh Henriques
First NameRemi
Middle NameLeigh
Last NameHenriques
Birth CountryJamaica
Father NameSean Paul
Father ProfessionJamaican dancehall rapper, singer and record producer
Mother NameJodi Stewart
Mother ProfessionJamaican television host, VJ, and a costume designer
Gender IdentityFemale
SiblingsLevi Blaze
Date of BirthAugust 2019
Age3 years

Remi Leigh Henriques Age And Birthday

Remi Leigh was born in August 2019, weighing 8lbs, 7oz. She was a c-section birth from her mother, Jodi.

Remi Leigh Henriques: Her father Sean Paul is Popular worldwide

Her father, Sean Paul, is popular worldwide with his superhit singles” Get busy” and “Temperature.”

He has been giving hit records with the world’s top pop stars, and sold over 26 million records as a successful recording artist. 

A great artist, Sean Paul, is also the winner of Grammy awards for his super hit album “Duty rock.” He is moped by his fans and paparazzi wherever he goes.

Jodi Stewart obsessed with a baby girl during her 2nd pregnancy

Jodi has been saying she is fond of children and wants to be around children. 

After welcoming her first child, a baby boy, she expected her second child to be a baby girl. 

Sean, during an interview, said that his wife told him that if they got another baby boy, they would try again for a baby girl. 

She was obsessed with the baby girl the second time. The pair were delighted with the arrival of their baby girl. 

Her mother is now giving her full time raising her kids as one of her purposes in life is to be a great mom.

Remi Leigh Henriques: Sean Paul and Australian singer-songwriter Sia

In an interview, when the host asked Sean if for real, he didn’t recognize the artist Sia when he got the collaboration with the artist. 

To which, Sean explained, his mother was insisting he does a song with Sia. To which Sean replied, saying that he would not do a Gangnam Style type song. 

He recalls his mom had a huge laugh on hearing his words. And told Sean that the man who did the Gangnam-style song was PSY, not Sia. 

Sean looked confused and asked his mom about the artist. His mom explained to him, saying she was talking about a lady. 

The lady also plays Chandelier song for him, and Sean’s expression goes like, Whoa. Sean revealed when their management team met and offered Sean if he wanted to collaborate with Sia, he mentioned by the time he knew about Sia. 

Sean also said that his mother had schooled him again. Sean also giggled and shared how he imaged Sia performing on PSY’s song. 

Other than that, when asked to choose a tune by one of his musical heroes, Sean picked up ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit from Nirvana as he claimed it to be a huge song. 

He shared how that music got him into grunge rock more. Sean revealed that at that time, he was exhausted from wearing tight pants, having long hair, and having that makeup type of rock. 

As soon as the grunge entered, Sean felt so refreshed despite it being grimy and fresh, he added. 

Sean also mentioned that the rest of their music is great, but when heard for the first time, this particular song felt dope. 

Continuing with the context, when asked about the collaboration with the other artist, is he in the room with them discussing or just flying it in? 

Sean instantly replies at times. In the case of him Sia, they did it via the internet platform. 

With Beyoncé, he did one verse at home, and later, he flew to Miami to meet up with her and did the other verse Sean shared. 

When it came to Rihanna, Sean shared about her coming to Jamaica and revealed how they took her everywhere, from the beaches to the Bob Marley museum, to the dancehall, etc.

Remi Leigh Henriques Net Worth

Moving on, young Remi doesn’t have any income sources at the young age of 2 years. On the other hand, her father, Sean Paul, is worth around $25 million US dollars.

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