You beg too much if... - Pretty Mike takes a swipe at ladies for checks and balancing

Socialite and entrepreneur Mike Nwogu, better known as Pretty Mike has taken a swipe at ladies, one that will effect a quick check and balance

Taking to his Instagram story, Pretty Mike opines that if a lady knows more than three stingy guys, it simply means she begs to o much for a living.

“If you know more than 3 stingy guys that means you beg too much” he wrote.

Pretty Mike asserts that most Nigerians are emotionally bankrupt

Kemi Filani recalls that Pretty Mike asserted that most Nigerians are emotionally bankrupt.

The socialite, who is known for his controversial entrance to events took to his Instagram story to note that he has succeeded another day on social media because he can’t wrap his head around the increasing rate of sad stories he has heard and seen on the gram while noting that most Nigerians are emotionally bankrupt.

He wrote: “I think I’ve succeeded another day holding my head up on this Platform. Becos The amount of sad things I’ve had to read and watched since yesterday, I’ll have to say, Most Nigerians are emotionally bankrupt”.

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